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LinkedIn is more than just building a profile!

We are all probably on LinkedIn as we would like more business, but there is a lot more to LinkedIn than just creating your profile. Your profile is the starting point to potentially network with over 400 million people worldwide! I see so many profiles that are so bad that they are probably better off not having a profile at all!! Below is what your profile should include! Your LinkedIn Headline A Photo (Preferably a professional photo of you, but if you’re camera shy [...]


10 Shortcut Links to quickly navigate LinkedIn

LinkedIn is potentially a great tool for your business and help it grow by connecting with your customers and identifying prospects. What it’s not so easy to do on LinkedIn is find your way around all the useful information that is available to you, even on a LinkedIn Free Account, so below are my Top 10 useful links and hopefully you will find some of these more than useful. I would suggest you create a LinkedIn Bookmark folder where you can [...]