10 Shortcut Links to quickly navigate LinkedIn

10 Shortcut Links to quickly navigate LinkedIn

LinkedIn is potentially a great tool for your business and help it grow by connecting with your customers and identifying prospects.

What it’s not so easy to do on LinkedIn is find your way around all the useful information that is available to you, even on a LinkedIn Free Account, so below are my Top 10 useful links and hopefully you will find some of these more than useful.

I would suggest you create a LinkedIn Bookmark folder where you can save all these links.

#1 – New Connections
LinkedIn doesn’t always notify you by email of all your new connections but you will be able to see them on the following link – New Connections

#2 People You May Know
LinkedIn also suggests People that you may know, so have a browse through once a week and see if you see someone you know – People You May Know

#3 Who’s Viewed Your Profile?
Are people looking for someone with your skills? Even with a free LinkedIn Account you can see the last 5 people that have viewed your profile

#4 How you rank in profile views
We all have the ability to see how we rank in profile views on LinkedIn. The more active you are the more profile views you will receive so try and communicate/update on a daily basis. How you rank in profile views

#5 Publish a Post
We all now have the ability to “Publish a Post”. Don’t Sell, Sell, Sell, but be informative and ask people to engage in the article. (Like, Share & Comment) – Publish A Post

#6 Advanced People Search
Advanced People Search – Often neglected and it’s the perfect way to find your target audience!

#7 View pending Invitations
Some of these could be your next customers!

#8 Sent Invitations 
Check out whom you have invited but haven’t accepted yet.

#9 See who you already know on LinkedIn
by importing your address book or a CSV file

#10 LinkedIn Groups
See if there any Group Discussions that you can take part in and share your knowledge https://www.linkedin.com/groups/

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