LinkedIn is more than just building a profile!

LinkedIn is more than just building a profile!

We are all probably on LinkedIn as we would like more business, but there is a lot more to LinkedIn than just creating your profile.

Your profile is the starting point to potentially network with over 400 million people worldwide!

I see so many profiles that are so bad that they are probably better off not having a profile at all!!

Below is what your profile should include!

  • Your LinkedIn Headline
  • A Photo (Preferably a professional photo of you, but if you’re camera shy you can use company logo)
  • Your Unique Url
  • Summary
  • Previous Experience
  • Multimedia Links
  • Contact Info (Website Addresses and Contact Telephone Number)

All of these can be found within the Edit Profile option.

Once these are all in place, anyone viewing your profile should instantly know what it is you do, what your company has to offer, look at your website and contact you by telephone number.

Now that you’re happy with your profile you can start to network. Below are many more features that LinkedIn has to offer.

·        Advanced Search (Free and premium)

·        Writing Articles and Article Statistics

·        Asking for Recommendations

·        Conversation starters (Happy Birthday, Congrats etc)

·        Create a LinkedIn Company Page

·        Finding Groups related to your location and/or Industry

·        Group Discussions

·        Importing your Contacts List

·        LinkedIn Home Pages Updates

·        LinkedIn Premium (Is this an option for you?)

·        How to deal with People Inviting you to connect

·        LinkedIn offering you a list of “People You May Know”

·        Personalising Invites to connect

·        Privacy & Settings (Numerous Options)

·        Sending Messages to people that accept your connect request

·        Shortcut for “Share on LinkedIn”

There is obviously a lot of information here and I do hope you find these suggestions useful but if you have any questions then please do get in touch.

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